Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Become a "Capital City Shark"

Are you familiar with Shark Tank? Well here is your chance to become a "Capital City Shark"

We are seeking 2,000 like minded supporters to indicate anywhere from $1 - $500 of future product purchase from a DC business owner.  This is called testing the waters. This non binding indication of interest denotes that you MIGHT, at some future point, be willing to  support a crowdfunding campaign sponsored by NCS. 

Please go to our support page to enroll.  or click HERE. Capital City Shark enrollment

NOTE: Enrolling to become a "Capital City Shark" does not in any way obligate you financially.

Thank you and be on the lookout for more information about the Washington DC Crowdfunding Challenge.

FAQ: Will I be charged if I fill out Capital City Shark Form?
A. NO, This is a non binding indication of interest. You will not be charged for this "pledge." There is no dollar pledge. It's just an indication, saying, yeah, if there were a local DC company I liked that was trying to raise money, I MIGHT give or invest some money in them.

You will not be charged anything by us now or in the future. We'd just like to see where your head is on the subject. Really. REALLY. We mean it. Keep this page. Print it out. We will not charge you now or EVER.


FAQ: Will you guys spam me if I give you my email address?
A. NO, We will contact you when we launch. I would not call that "spam." but, yes, you will receive an email from us at some point. If you do not want to be contacted, just tell us. We will never (NEVER) send you another email. 

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